Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Some people in some quarters are calling for the scrapping of the NYSC scheme while others are of the view that the scheme should not be scrapped but instead review for better delivery.

Those calling for the scrapping of the NYSC are of the view that the scheme exposes Corp members to dangers. This is of the view of recent killings of Corp members posted to serve in places where there are religious and ethnic crisis. A recent example is the 2008 Jos crisis which claim the lives of several Corp members. Some were butcher in their cold blood for no reasons at all. These are communities which are supposed to protect Corp members, but, they ended up being the ones attacking them. It is very sad.

Some are of the view that Corp members are badly treated in some quarters by the indigenes of that place. They milk Corp members dry and sometimes oppress them.

Sometimes, Corp members are faced with language barrier. In some communities, they do not understand English Language which is the Official Language of Nigeria. So, Corp members posted to such area will find it difficult to interact freely with the people in the community.

In some communities, when they see Corp members in their uniform, they see it as an opportunity defrauding them. A man told me in one of the eastern states where I did my service, that since the federal government pay me millions and since in future I may work in a federal position where I will have the opportunity to loot federal governments money. He saw no reason why he would not have his own share now that he is within my reach. Imagine such mentality!


Those calling for the review of the NYSC scheme were of the opinion that the scheme has some good part and that the good part should be improved upon while the government should try to reduce the bad part.

They went further to state that many graduates look forward to the day they will serve their father land and earn their first salary.

People who held this view are of the opinion that the scheme be reviewed. They noted that the scheme has lost its value and National coherence which has characterized its inception. Some people attributed this decline to the fact that Corp members are not too enthusiastic about the scheme.

Corp members are not taking care of properly and their enumerations are poor.

Some people are also of the opinion that the amount of money pumped into the scheme by the federal government is a waste of public fund and therefore the scheme should be scraped and the money be given to Nigerian youths so as to enable them empower themselves.

Some graduates have not leave their place of birth to other parts of the country. Imagine a graduates who did his primary education, secondary education, university education and who do not travel outside his community will not know what is happening in other parts of the country. Therefore, the scheme will help such graduate to know other parts of the country and learn other people’s cultures and traditions.

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